My greatest life lesson was becoming clear on my life priorities and creating harmony between them

Live Your Authentic Life: Go From Breakdown to Breakthrough in 3 Simple Steps

Own Your Story. Stand In Your Truth.
Live Your Authentic Life.

Do you feel as though you are simply “EXISTING” versus truly living? Even though your are making money, you want more meaningful relationships, and certainty that you are walking in your purpose. Your current reality does not match the dreams you had for your life, which often leave you feeling disappointed.

The big question is why are you living a life that is different than the vision you have for yourself? Everybody else sees you so much differently than you see yourself. People see you as a strong, confident, and a powerful woman. What they don’t see is you second guessing yourself, or sometimes being stuck in a state of insecurity, fear of rejection, failure, and abandonment.

What needs to change? It is time for you to forgive yourself and others and take a long look in the mirror so you can finally own your story, stand in your truth, and live your authentic life.

I Want to Live An Authentic Life!

“T. Renee helped me to get unstuck by removing mental blocks, act in spite of fear, and create a clear vision for what I wanted in my life. I have a better relationship with my husband and kids, my business is thriving, and I feel like I’m walking in my purpose.”

-Diana Williams, Leadership Consultant & Trainer


As soon as I understood that me walking in my purpose gives someone else the freedom to walk in theirs I knew I had to stop making excuses, understand that I was holding myself back because of fear, and make a decision to show up daily to serve others regardless of how I felt.


It’s time to dream big and win in your marriage, family, and business

Many women entrepreneurs and leaders with children begin their journey with a purpose that typically has to do with their family. They want flexibility, they want more financial stability, or they want to create a legacy that their children can inherit.

Sadly, with all the planning and preparation that goes into the business and obtaining high-level leadership positions, many forget to weigh out the impacts to their marriage and family. In other words, the family is put on the back burner for what they believe to be temporarily, but it ends up continuing until the reason why they began this journey is no longer in focus or lost altogether.

It’s an all too common problem that is rarely addressed by married women entrepreneurs and leaders with children, which not only results in a lack of productivity, but a more life damaging loss of one’s family. Additionally, many have derailed pursuing their purpose and live a life of mere existence versus living an authentic life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I know this because I was you and am now a testimony that success is attainable without sacrificing your marriage, your children, or your own personal self-care.

There is a way to find harmony in your marriage, family, and business. It first requires getting crystal clear on what you want, reaffirming life’s real priorities, shifting your mindset for sucess, and creating your “village” that provides you with the support and accountability required to walk in purpose and live an authentic life.

I’m here to help you on this journey.

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You can do a lot of things in 15 minutes.

Gossip, eat unhealthy foods, think negative thoughts, complain, worry, fear, or daydream about the life you really want.

OR you can make a conscious decision to take bold action towards changing the way you take care of yourself, how you show up in your life, and learn how to shift your mindset so you can shift your life.

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