My greatest life lesson was becoming clear on my life priorities and creating harmony between them

Do You Need to Know the Exact 5 Steps to Grow Your Business?

Hearing success stories from my clients is my greatest joy. I love empowering women with tools and information so they can Live an Authentic Life. Below you will hear some amazing stories from women just like you who took the next step and invested in themselves. These women are from different walks of life and have businesses in various industries.

Please listen to the testimonials as motivation to let you know that you can accomplish and reach all of your goals for your business and personal life. With the help of great coaching and accountability you can propel yourself further in a shorter amount of time. Don’t delay, schedule your 15-Minute Business Assessment call today to see how I can support you.

“T. Renee coached me through a creative writing break-through”
“Prior to working with T. Renee’ I was at a point of complete frustration. I am a go-getter and don’t believe in quitting anything but was at the end of my rope with writing my first book. I felt like I was all out of ideas and had said everything I needed to say. I felt that any other words would be just fillers and fluff.

The questions that T. Renee’ asked me unlocked my creativity and pushed me to delve more into my topic. She also taught me that I needed to tell more of my personal story in order for the readers to relate and emotionally connect with me.

After our first session I had a renewed sense of energy, creativity and momentum to continue writing my book. I walked away with a ton of ideas and tools to push myself.

-Stephanie Dawn, Celebrity Make-Up Stylist for Steve Harvey

 “T. Renee has been through what we are going through and she has simple, organized and detailed steps on how to create, re-brand or accelerate your business.
“Prior to working with T. Renee I felt very stuck. I knew I needed better organization and a more professional feel however I did not know how to achieve that. Now I feel like I actually have steps to take and know a direction for my business. I became very clear on my big WHY and what I am meant to share with the world. What I like most about working with T. Renee is her positive attitude, encouraging ways, and the break down to business basics. For the first time I truly feel I have a honest blueprint for what I want my business to look like now and in the future. I would highly recommend working with her.”

– Kat Bohnsack, A Balanced Life

“T. Renee helped me get clear about my ideal client and how to serve them” 
“Prior to working with T. Renee’ my business was at a standstill. I had a lot of ideas and was trying to cater my services to everyone. I was so overwhelmed that I was not very productive on a weekly basis. Since working with T. Renee’ I know who my ideal client is and how to reach them. I am clear about my passion in my business and how to best express it. I have memorized my authentic connection conversation (elevator pitch) and I feel more confident with my business and my brand promise.

T. Renee’ is an amazing coach and she can take your business and personal life to the next level. She is very positive, energetic, and sincerely cares about her work and clients.”

-Sheree Johnson, I Deserve Life Coaching

“T. Renee not only provides you with the information you need but she will challenge you and your limiting beliefs.”
“Prior to working with T. Renee I felt other coaches didn’t understand my challenges in being a wife, mother and entrepreneur. I had tons of ideas with no place to start. Her coaching has helped me gain clarity and shape my ideas into a plan that I can implement. Without this knowledge I would still be stuck in the cycle of trying to determine where and how to start.

Since working with T. Renee I have gained clarity on who I want to serve, how to serve them, and how to tailor my message to this audience while remaining authentic. I am gaining greater mastery of my schedule so I can function in my roles as a wife and mother as well as an entrepreneur. I am so much more confident in myself and my business ideas than when I started working with her. I kept wondering “if” my ideas could work now I “know” that I will succeed in my business.

I would highly recommend T. Renee as a coach. She is knowledgeable, personable, and professional. She not only provides you with the information you need but she will challenge you and your limiting beliefs. T. Renee also encourages your spirit and will help you connect with your true purpose.”

-Latrice McNeal, Visionary Woman/ThinkWELL Coaching

“My favorite part of working with T. Renee’ is how she breaks information down into a conversational fashion.”
“Before working with T. Renee’ I was in the beginning phase of learning how to structure my business and deciding which services to offer and knowing who my target audience should be. Since working with her I have gained clarity, have narrowed my focus, and I now know how to invest my time and energy by operating in the areas of which I am most passionate and can provide the best quality of services.

My favorite part of working with T. Renee is how she breaks information down into a conversational fashion. T. Renee brings knowledge and experience that is relatable and inspiring. She has shown me that marketing and branding your company takes effort. If you do the work, you will get positive results.”

Turanza Jackson, Jackson Educational Consultants & Solutions

“T. Renee has an amazing ability to problem solve. There has not been a problem yet, that I haven’t seen her be able to solve.”
“T. Renee has an amazing ability to problem solve. There has not been a problem yet, that I haven’t seen her be able to solve. The biggest fear we had before working with T. Renee was we thought that the problems that our practice had were way too big to handle. Instead, things have changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Our revenues have increased by 15%; our staff is operating more efficiently, we are working less and making more. Our entire team feels empowered. T. Renee has a true gift for pulling out the best in people. She is very firm, but kind. You will not regret working with T. Renee. She is a true gem and worth every bit of what she charges. It is one of the best investments you will ever make.”

Dr. Joyce Lewis & Dr. Dorothy White, Greater Atlanta Family Healthcare

“In the first 90 days of working with T. Renee I wrote and published a book and created my first virtual coaching program.”
“T. Renee Smith is a God-send! Before witnessing her pristine coaching style, my major concern was finding a coach to positively encourage me to exceed all expectations of myself and expand into something greater than I ever have been before. It brings tears to my eyes to know that someone is so passionate about helping me succeed in all areas of my business and in my life.

I have been able to accomplish weeding through my ideas and plans for the future and get clear on ‘what’s next’ for me in my personal and professional life. In the first 90 days of working with T. Renee I wrote and published a book and created my first virtual coaching program. I really enjoy knowing that while we talk, I have a listening ear and direct attention on matters that concern me and my business life. It is a great feeling to have someone else focused on your success and by your side the entire time!

Get ready to get out of your own head and TAKE ACTION in your life! T. Renee will help you dig through and ask questions and take measures to help you move beyond where you are and help get you closer to where you WANT to be. Be prepared to check-in with follow-ups and progress made toward your goals, because she cares enough to listen and keep asking about them. T. Renee is pure, genuine, and truly passionate about what she does. She is a great listener and ‘clarifier’ as you progress from one step to another. These qualities among MANY are what makes her a great coach to work with!”

-Andrieka “AJ Austin, The Socialprenista & Vision Elevation Expert

“I walked away with a clear understanding of what made me different from my competitors and a 90-day action plan.”
“I loved T. Renee’s step-by-step method for showing me how to set realistic and achievable goals for my business. “I am very cautious when it comes to investing money into training and coaching programs. However after reading T. Renee’s blog post and watching her online training videos I decided to sign-up for one of our coaching programs.

Within our first two sessions T. Renee’ helped me map out my entire business for the year. She helped me to identify my income opportunities, create a product funnel, develop ideas for my signature program, and create a sales process and client engagement plan. I walked away with a clear understanding of what made me different from my competitors and my immediate 90-day plan of action. I have been working with T. Renee’ for the past two-years.  She is on speed-dial and in my e-mail favorites.  It’s great to know that I have someone like her on my team.”

Regina Nunn, Keller Williams Realtor and First Time Home Buyer Strategist