12 Steps to Brand Clarity

Are you a serious information junkie or a coach hopper investing in program after program to help you understand your brand and you still don’t have results? You do the work, take the coaches advice, and are still completely frustrated and left clueless? Well no more. Finally learn the exact 12 steps required to give you brand clarity.

I want brand clarity!

Pricing Mindset Quiz – Are You Charging Enough?

Your pricing is a direct reflection of your mindset. You will only set your prices based on what you believe you are worth. If you are undercharging and giving your services away for free, let’s change that. The way you price your products and services lets people know the value that you place on what you offer. Take this quick quiz to see if you are charging enough.

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5 Steps to Growing Your Authentic Brand!

Branding is such a key buzzword that everyone is talking about. However, do you still have absolutely no idea what it really means? Your brand is much more than your logo or website, it is the total essence of who you are, how you show up to serve your clients, and the value you offer. Learn 4 key things that every brand must have in order to stand out and attract your ideal clients.

I want to grow an authentic brand!

QUIZ – Is Your Marketing Working?

The old saying is build it and they will come. Have you built your blog, invested in a website, offered free strategy sessions, launched a program and nobody came? You’ve invested lots of time, energy, money, and all you hear are crickets. If so, it’s time to do something different. Take this 2 minute quiz to find out what essential marketing elements you are missing.

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4 Pricing Levels for Your Coaching Program

Pricing is a very important part of your brand. The way you price your products or services is a direct reflection of how much value you feel you are providing. If your programs are priced correctly it is easier to turn prospective clients into loyal clients. Learn 4 essential pricing levels for your programs or services.

I want to price my programs correctly!

Brand Clarity Worksheet

Are you ready to have a simple road map to help you get clear on your brand? If you could answer a few simple questions that would help you tell potential clients the value you offer, would you answer them? It’s time to get off the treadmill of running fast and going nowhere. Take a few minutes to complete your brand worksheet to give you clarity about the next steps with your brand.

I want to get crystal clear on my authentic brand!

4 Computer Programs I Use to Increase My Productivty

How would you like to add at least 2 more hours to your day? Would life be easier if you could take down all of the sticky notes on your computer and have your phone, desk, and computer calendar all say the same thing? No more missing meetings, or jotting down great ideas only to forget where you put them. Learn the exact 4 programs that I use to keep me productive and organized.

I want to increase my productivty!

3 Steps to Pre-Qualify Your Prospects

Are you tired of investing hours into potential clients only to realize at the end of the conversation that they aren’t buying? Is your calendar full of people that are just window shoppers and will never buy? Time out for just giving free advice, let’s replace them with paying clients. Learn 3 steps that I use to pre-qualify potential clients before I pick up a phone or schedule a meeting.

I want to turn my prospects into clients!