My greatest life lesson was becoming clear on my life priorities and creating harmony between them

Live Your Authentic Life: Go From Breakdown to Breakthrough in 3 Simple Steps


Author Uses Personal Journey of Isolation, Incarceration, and Inspiration, To Help Women Break Free From Fear, Shame, and Guilt to Live an Authentic Life

T. Reneé Smith Combats the Notion That Women Can’t Have it all by Teaching them How to Overcome Self-Defeating Beliefs to Create Harmony in their Marriage, Family, and Business

ATLANTA, Ga. – Despite the increasing number of women embarking on the path of entrepreneurship or succeeding as high level corporate executives, many have the outward appearance of happiness and success, but privately struggle with feelings of fear and insecurity. Less than a year after having the first female presidential nominee in history, and the current state of uncertainty with the new administration, women still have to justify their qualifications, endure derogative comments, and ask for equal pay, as they fight for their rightful place at the bargaining table.

According to T. Reneé Smith, certified coach and author, many women feel burdened by the thoughts of disappointing others and the difficulty of overcoming self-limiting beliefs that have held them captive in a self-created emotional prison and prevented them from asking for what they truly want. “You have to be ok with pissing people off to follow your dreams, you can’t be all of who your family, friends, and society want you to be and still live an authentic life,” said Smith.

In her new book, “Metamorphosis: How I Shed the Life Others Wanted for Me and Learned to Live My Authentic Life”, Smith offers key advice for women on how to break-free from their past and expectations of others to live their authentic life. She outlines key steps to help women learn how to:

• Experience your personal metamorphosis including trusting your intuition
• Believe people when they show you who they are
• Pursue your purpose regardless of what others think
• Change your focus from external validation to internal validation, and
• Create a spiritual practice to help you stay centered and focused

T. Renee has taken the hardships that she experienced personally and re-framed them in a new context, realizing that all of those events were exactly what she needed to start living her authentic life. From business bankruptcy and being in a mentally abusive relationship, to wearing a camouflage green jumpsuit with thick white socks and army boots every day for 1,095 days in federal prison, to experiencing two miscarriages, T. Renee has learned how to overcome failure and fear to re-build a successful business and life.

Smith’s book is the definitive modern day woman’s guide to endurance and redemption by overcoming your past to create the life you want. In an honest and humorous way, Smith shares her own personal journey from captive to conqueror.

About T. Renee Smith
T. Reneé Smith started her first business at age nineteen, on credit, with no business experience, and no plan. She built a successful enterprise, but later was forced to file bankruptcy, close her business for three years while in federal prison, and re-build her business from the ground up once she was released.

Daily, she inspires more than 25,000 loyal followers across her various social media platforms and helps thousands of women business owners and leaders through her programs, coaching, and speaking. Now a reformed people pleaser, ex-perfectionist, and recovered workaholic, T. Reneé uses the lessons she has learned to empower women to create harmony in their marriage, family, and business. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two very active boys.

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