My greatest life lesson was becoming clear on my life priorities and creating harmony between them

Live Your Authentic Life: Go From Breakdown to Breakthrough in 3 Simple Steps

“Real success is when you have self-love and peace, walk in authenticity and purpose, and place your family first.”

Imagine yourself driving a Mercedes Benz S600, living in an 8,000 square foot home filled with designer clothes, and having everything seized by the federal government. Fast forward a few years and you are having your dream wedding, marrying your dream husband, and months later find out you’re expecting a beautiful baby boy. Everyone is overjoyed, but remember the government seizing your stuff and the pending legal case that will determine your fate and freedom?

So now the life altering question is what will happen to my family and who will raise my child? Can one bad decision that I made forever change my future? To say that I was held prisoner in my lifetime is not only figurative but literal. I ended up wearing my least favorite color camouflage green jumpsuit, with thick white socks and army boots for 1,095 days. My life certainly hadn’t turned out how I planned, how did I end up here?

For so many years I got caught up in what society said was successful and was on the fast track to obtaining 7-figures in my business. I built several successful companies in the marketing, real-estate, fashion, entertainment, and technology industry. I also helped small businesses obtain more than $30 million dollars in start-up and business expansion financing. Needless to say I went so hard building my business that I neglected my husband and my children.

I bought into the notion that women can do everything as well or if not better than men, and follow your dreams no matter what. I believed I could work 70-80 hours a week in my business, bring work home, and my marriage and family would remain in tact. I didn’t realize it, but I was in essence de-valuing my role as a wife and mother, in pursuit of my success and financial gain.

It wasn’t until my life started crumbling in every area from my marriage and my relationship with my children, to my business, that I realized my priorities were out of order and that I needed to change.

Eventually, I realized that I was the common denominator in every situation and there were some major character flaws with my integrity and many of my self-defeating beliefs and false perceptions were preventing me from acheiving real success and living my authentic life.

In my efforts to change, I began reading all of the self-help books, hiring a coach, becoming a part of a mastermind group, and attending seminars, but I noticed nothing was changing. I had to learn that instead of focusing on external solutions and piling on new strategies on top of my old beliefs, I had to do the internal work of getting rid of beliefs that no longer served me, forgiving myself for my past, learn new beliefs, and then shift my mindset so I could shift my life.

During this process I created a personal development program entitled 21 Days to Live Your Authentic Life ™ because I understand that your life will only grow in congruence with your mindset. Additionally, I created a business building program entitled Business Building Mastery™, because business success leaves us clues on the exact steps required to build a profitable and authentic business and this program shows you how.

My personal journey has been a life lesson on how to balance womanhood, motherhood, and wifehood. From failed businesses and filing bankruptcy, to people pleasing and low self-esteem, to being at the brink of divorce and questioning my effectiveness as a mother, my life has taken many twists and turns. It has been filled with rejection, guilt, shame, fear, personal triumph, perseverance, and downright favor from God.

I had to experience my own personal metamorphosis to learn how to value and trust myself, overcome self-defeating beliefs, and embrace change. I have learned that my greatest strength is turning inward, growing my relationship with God through daily meditation, mindfulness, prayer, and trusting my intuition.

After seeing astonishing results in my own life based on my mindset work, my mission became to help other women shift their mindset so they could live an authentic life and create harmony in their marriage, family, and business or career. A life that is free and clear from fear, guilt, and shame.

I take the lessons that I have learned in my more than 20 years of business ownership, and 10+ years of marriage and motherhood to partner with women to reclaim their power so they can live optimally as a woman of authenticity, wife, mother, and business owner or leader, without losing themselves or compromising their values. Now a reformed people pleaser, ex-perfectionist, and recovered workaholic I use my platform to inspire more than 30,000 loyal followers to live an authentic life.

These seven key principles guide my life daily:

• Shift your mindset, shift your life

• Live free and clear from guilt, shame, and fear

• Balance is a myth, strive to create harmony in your marriage, family, and business or career

• There is no such thing as perfection, aim for efficiency

• Change your perception of any situation, and the situation will change

• When you are living your authentic life, there is no competition

• My spiritual practice and self-care must always be my top priority, followed by my husband, kids, and then business, in that exact order

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You can do a lot of things in 15 minutes.

Gossip, eat unhealthy foods, think negative thoughts, complain, worry, fear, or daydream about the life you really want.

OR you can make a conscious decision to take bold action towards changing the way you take care of yourself, how you show up in your life, marriage, family, and business or career, or learn how to shift your mindset.

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